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Why Buy Health Insurance

The term ‘Health Insurance’ relates to a type of insurance that essentially covers your medical expenses. A health insurance policy like other policies is a contract between an insurer and an individual / group in which the insurer agrees to provide specified health insurance cover at a particular “premium” subject to terms and conditions specified in the policy.

Patient data securely locked away

In emergencies, ETHFI health cards can be a crucial source of information: they allow first responders and pharmacists to identify a patient and access their medical history, even if the patient is unresponsive.

Patient records when and where they are needed

G+D's ETHFI Health Cards standardize interactions between patients and health professionals, from identification to medical record access. Only authorized physicians, dentists, and pharmacists can access patient-card data. To do so, they need the right key – their ETHFI Health Card. Many issuers also use patient data cards in health promotion projects. Using bonus-scheme applications installed on the smart card chip, they offer incentives to patients who kick bad health habits or successfully complete specific treatments.

Managing the complete health card lifecycle 100% backend control for card issuers

The Card Application Management System (CAMS) of G+D Mobile Security is a high-performance backend with 24/7 data center availability for issuers of healthcare cards. They use CAMS to manage the lifecycle of their smart cards end-to end – from initial personalization to the return of the card. Building on a comprehensive and innovative security architecture, the platform features physical components, such as cards, kiosks, card readers, and servers. It also lets you monitor cards usage and update their contents.

Benefits of ETHFI Smart Health Cards
  • Configure a telematics infrastructure
  • Improve treatment quality
  • Digitize information and save paper
  • Provide a secure multi-application platform
  • Simplify and streamline administration
  • Reduce misuse by participants in the health ecosystem
  • Give access to complete medical records
Accepted Coin: ETHFI , Premium Calculate as per Market Rate ETFI/ USD Current Price ETHFI: $ 0.23USD
Sr. No.Plan TypeDuration TimePremiumTotal Sum InsuredTotal Premium (USDT)Total Premium (ETHFI)TOTAL ETHFI COIN
1ETHFI SEMI SMART CARD2 Years Yearly$2000$12005217.392608.69 x 2 =5217.39 ETHFI
2ETHFI SMART CARD2 Years Yearly$5000$300013043.476521.73 X 2 =13043.47 ETHFI

Entry Age Limit: Policy Apply Minimum Age: 15 Years and Maximum Age: 45 Years.

How To Make a Claim - Health

You can make a claim under a Health insurance policy in two ways :

  • Cashless basis and
  • Reimbursement basis

On a Cashless basis : For a claim on cashless basis, your treatment must be only at a network hospital of the Third Party Administrator (TPA) who is servicing your policy. You have to seek authorisation for availing the treatment on a cashless basis as per procedures laid down and in the prescribed form. Please read the policy document as soon as you receive it to familiarise yourself with the process rather than wait for a claim to arise.

Claims on reimbursement basis : Read the clause relating to claims in your policy document as soon as you receive it to ensure that you understand the procedure and the documents required for making a claim on reimbursement basis. When a claim arises you should inform the insurance company as per procedures required. After hospitalisation, you have to ensure that you obtain and keep ready documents such as claim form, discharge summary, prescriptions and bills that you should submit for a claim.

Note: If you claim reimbursement basis So we need document compulsory unique Policy No. and Policy Pin code.

We are working on General Policy Rules Guidelines by IRDA
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